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Gluten Free Summer Pudding


Back in “the day” I’d be all over a traditional Summer Pudding. Sugary-berry-puree-soaked-white-bread lining the bowl, cooked sugary berries filling its cavity. Of course the Summer Pudding was at it’s finest when dolloped with vanilla infused whipped cream. Yum scrum.

All however, is not lost. I decided to set my hand to ‘healthyfying’ this very pudding by removing the gluten and refined white sugar and by leaving the berries raw. The result? A far lighter, healthier and less indulgent version of the traditional pudding.

Gluten Free Summer Pudding

* Pudding best made the day before consumption. See other recipe notes below to ensure summer pudding success. 

Serves 6 min.

700 grams fresh berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries etc)
1 loaf gluten free bread (or approximately 12 slices)
4 heaped tablespoons coconut sugar (or sweetener of choice)
Whipped coconut cream or Greek yoghurt to serve

Extra fresh berries for serving.

Find yourself a pudding mold or mixing bowl of similar shape to my pudding. In the absence of a pudding bowl I used a 1.5 litre mixing bowl.

Into a bowl, measure out 250 grams of berries (cut strawberries in half if large) and mix through 2 heaped tablespoons of coconut sugar. Set aside.

Into a food processor, place the remaining 450 grams of berries and 2 heaped tablespoons of coconut sugar. Puree until smooth. Strain the puree through a sieve to remove all the seeds. Test for sweetness, add more sweetener if your taste buds tell you too. Pour the mixture into a shallow bowl.

Remove the crust from enough slices of bread to line your bowl. Next, dip the slices into the puree and spread around the entire bowl, making sure there are no gaps. Cut out shapes as necessary to fill remaining gaps. Return remaining puree to the fridge for later.

Fill the mold with the berries, pressing down firmly and line the top with more puree dipped bread.  Then, pop a saucer on top of the lot and weigh down with a heavy can (or two if they fit). Pop this into the fridge overnight (or 4 hours minimum, though I do feel overnight will produce better results).

Remove from the fridge and with the saucer in place gently turn upside down to allow the pudding to fall out. If there are any white spots on the bread use extra puree to colour. Scatter fresh berries over the pudding. Serve with extra puree and whipped coconut yoghurt or vanilla infused Greek yoghurt.

Recipe notes:

1. Opt for fresh gluten free bread (not frozen) that doesn’t break in your hands whilst dunking it in the puree (we all know the cardboard-like gluten free bread I’m talking about). I used a great brand called GF Precinct, made here in Victoria. 
2. I had trouble getting the bread out of the bowl, but managed.. Some recipes advocate the use of cling wrap – and as much as I would prefer not to recommend this I do think it’s the answer for those preferring to err on the side of caution. Alternatively try baking paper.
3. I don’t enjoy super sweet desserts – that being said, make the puree to the recipe and add more sweetness to taste if necessary. Feel free to sub coconut sugar with rice malt syrup or raw honey. 

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Gluten Free Summer Pudding

Feel free to share this recipe with the gluten free’ers in your life, or better still,pin it to your healthy pinterest board so it’s at your fingertips when you’re ready to get creative.


Source: theholisticingredient.com

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